Marley Joints & Moon Jizz, Volume I: Prelude to War

by The Pillars

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Leaf Axe-Horn-Fjordson (Solomon Schneider - & Sean McShillelagh (Seth Walker - have combined forces to create the unique collective "The Pillars Project". Collaborating with artists across the country as they travel, they've managed to make the newest newness North-America has ever found to be a noisome nuisance. Even though their art is unquestionably some of the strangest uniqueness the world has seen yet, Sean and Leaf claim that all of their work begins with inspiration from the song "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

WARNING: The "Audio Art" created by The Pillars Project IS NOT MEANT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. The "Audio Art" is for CONSCIOUS LIGHT ONLY. Leaf & Sean have suggested that all humans listen to the album while sleeping or in other altered mind-states. Waking unconsciousness exposed to this style of "Audio Art" may create serious side effects such as: Headache, Nausea, Paranoia, Instant impregnation and labor induction, Rolling blackouts, Slight head explodation, Spinal kundalini overloading, and Accidental awakening.


released June 7, 2011

Band Bio:

Born on Mars in 1969 during the Martian summer of love, Sean and Leaf were the children of two abducted earth women named Lilith and Sophia, who were originally held captive for "Project Gene-Martini" (A genetic engineering project attempting to make multi-dimensional Earth-Martian hybrids capable of arting multiple layers of reality simultaneously). Martians, trying to better understand earth based art-forms, saw these two young mixed-breeds as their best shot to influence earth affairs through celebrity status and hidden martian messages in the arts.

The Pillars were born into the Martian cause, unaware of their ethnocentric bias toward the Martian missions of Earth's domination. Soon after arriving in the 3rd dimensional "Earth" layer of light, they were led by the conscious light to a secret ring of Pleiadian freedom lovers and Martian rebels who helped them see the beauty of freedom, love, peaceful coexistence and "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. They were informed of the Maritan-American elitist alliance and their plans to use economic means to dominate the poor working class humans of the world under a one world (Martian backed) government.

After their enlightening, Sean & Axe decided that they no longer wanted anything to do with the brutal Earth dictatorship being set into place, that abduction isn't cool and that cow's are people too. Once the collective conscious rapper of Mars discovered Axe & Sean's conspiracy to help the Pleiadian alliance's freedom movement stop the domination & perpetuation of the brutal Earth leader's global oppression, THAT MARTIAN MOTHER (CENSORED) moved Lilith & Sophia from "Project Gene-Martini" to "Project F*** YOU PILLARS" (Which little is known about other than it's rumored to suck and involves bologna sandwiches which has thoroughly pissed off the boys).

Their first album, "Marley Joints & Moon Jizz - Part 1: Prologue to War" has been distributed to nearly 11,235,813 homes amongst the 5th, 7th, & 9th dimensions and is now spreading faster than herpes across the Americas and Europe. Since the time-space break, used to transmit the music from 7th & 9th dimensional formats into the easier to access 3 dimensional compact disk format, The Pillars Project has worked tirelessly to wake up all of the conscious light trapped in humanoid meat sacks in the current timeline in order to one day form a conscious race capable of overthrowing the corrupted group mind of Mars and SAVE THEIR MOTHERS!!!



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The Pillars Waynoka, Oklahoma


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